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ADCB to provide quality diagnostic care

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BENGALURU: Around 45 diagnostic centers in Bengaluru form an association – The Association of Diagnostic Centres (ADCB) with the objective of providing quality diagnostic care at cost effective ways.

Speaking to The Beacon, Dr H.M. Venkatappa, Chairman of ADCB said, “In India many are not covered under any of the health insurance programmes and most of the insurance companies do not offer coverage under outpatient treatment.Thus patients face a lot of problems.” “Added to that, different diagnostic centers tend to charge different tariffs. Patients and their attenders need to move from place to place to get the best of the ability at times compromising on the quality. On this background, the newly established association will give quality diagnostic care at uniformed and standardized rates,” he added.


ADCB MEMBERS AT PRESS CONFERENCE                                    STIFAN

In India most of the health care service providers are from private sector. When profit becomes the main concern the rates of the diagnosis goes up. The government’s role is essentially into primary treatment and for advanced treatment one has to go to the private diagnostic care providers from corporate sector.

“The costs of the equipments, salary to the experienced medical and paramedical staff has made the diagnostic centers to keep the costs higher. Through the association, we will try to facilitate common people to get better health care facilities and also will bring more uniformity and transparency in the diagnostic care industry,” said Dr Sujay Prasad, Secretary of ADCB.The Association published a list of its members who agreed upon to provide diagnostic service under uniformed tariff and said that if any irregularities are found, people can complain to the Association as well as to the Medical Council of Karnataka.


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