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Digital PR for start-ups

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CAMPUS: “Each one us are on digital media, we use these powerful tools on a daily basis, what’s important is how we make use of this,” said Sindhu V Kashyap, at the panel discussion on ‘Digital PR for start ups’ and how we use online platforms for PR was discussed at St Joseph’s college on March 2, 2017.

The panellists for the discussion were; Shalini Singh, founder of Galvanise PR, Sindhu V Kashyap, Business Journalist at YourStory, Karthik Kannan, Senior Account Executive, Edelman PR, and the session was moderated by Varadarajan Krishna Murthy, Deputy Editor and Chief of Bureau at the Hindu Business Line.


PANELISTS AT DISCUSSION                                                             RESHMA

Start-ups are growing in number every day. These start-ups thrive on digital media, as a PR consultant, Shalini Singh talks about how they go about the use of traditional or digital media or a mix of both. “Working with a start-up means that you work directly with the core team, and as a PR, you need to educate them about media, as to which platform would be the best and also teach them how to talk to the media,” she said.

Among other issues, the credibility of using an online platform was discussed. “At the end of the day online portals look at the number of likes or views that itself shows the credibility of the page. More the people read, more credible is your page,” said Karthik Kannan.


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