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Guernica-2017 kick-starts with student’s artwork

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CAMPUS: Guernica -2017 kick-starts to showcase student’s talent in creative art works like digital art, paintings and photography on March 3, 2017. Guernica officially began in 2015, as an art exhibition event by the Department of Communication.It was named after Picasso’s famous anti-war painting. The initiative encourages students from different streams to join together and exhibit their pool of talents in painting and photography.

“Basically Department of Mass Communication, Visual Communication and Department of Vocational Studies started Guernica to exhibit student’s talents, but later other departments requested to put up their art works so we put up their work as well. Art works displayed here are mainly digital paintings, photography and sketches,” said Jerin Tom, I BVC.



“This year we decided to conduct the event on a large scale to invite other colleges but due to time constrains we couldn’t reach to other colleges. We decided to do among our students and from the last week entries we got quite a good response from our students as we have around 30 participants,” said Prof. Nevil Pradeep D’Souza, Department of Communication.

“Students will be rewarded for their artwork based on three categories that is best photography, painting and digital art,” he added. The chief guest at the event, Mr Prasad Bhat, owner of Graphicurry art store said, “One must work towards being unique or best and it all comes down to three P’s that is passion, persistence and practice, if you master this you can achieve anything you want.”He told the importance of the use of vectors in caricature which will not affect the quality of picture and his works are inspired by the great artist Picaso.

“Every object has a design and design deals with aesthetics and it is meant to communicate, unlike decorations which are only meant to fill the space and may not neccessarily mean to communicate,” said Johnson Rajkumar, HOD, Department of Communication.


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