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#ANYBODYCANTEACH: Learning through music

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BENGALURU: It was an evening filled with singing songs and learning Kannada for nonKannadigas at Rangoli, The Metro Art Centre, M.G Road on March 5, 2017 which carried out #ANYBODYCANTEACH on the social media. ‘Kannada Gottilla’ and ‘Lets Spread Love’ organised the first ever session of learning, ‘Kannada Through Music’ had Swarathma Founder Vasu Dixit and Hemanth Jois well known musicians at the event.

Vasu Dixit, Founder of Swarathma said, “ has put up the event on first Sunday of every month. They asked me to incorporate my music with their Kannada teaching program, wherein I sing in Kannada. When you teach a language through music it becomes more melodious for the ears. Through this the non-Kannadigas will get to know more about the same through the language, music and art. It is a great initiative and I’m very happy to be part of the event. Hopefully more and more people come and learn not just with Kannadagottilla. com because it’s not just about promoting them but it’s about enriching our language and reaching out to more people.” “Henceforth,the discrimination among the Kannadigas and nonKannadigas for not speaking Kannada or not knowing Kannada will be overcome, as we build our language and culture as we teach Kannada through music,” he added.

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Vasu Dixit                                                                                                                                DERRICK

Anup Maiya, Co- Founder of said, “Basically we started this for our friends on WhatsApp. We have 32 people in our team. It started 2 years ago and we have classes on WhatsApp. Before we did not charge for it, later when the number of people enrolling increased we started charging a nominal fee. It is an initiative towards teaching Kannada through WhatsApp. This event is called ‘Kannada Through Music’.


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