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Book on Dawood by veteran cop, translated in Kannada

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BENGALURU: Even if Dawood Ibrahim has a change of heart and wants to come back to India, he will not be allowed to do so by the ISI (Inter –Services Intelligence), opined Neeraj Kumar, Fmr Commissioner of Police, Delhi at the launch of the Kannada translation of his book. ‘Dial D for Don: Inside Stories of CBI Case Missions’ at CID Headquarters, Carlton House, Bangalore on March 4, 2017. Titled ‘Dawood Ibrahim Na Jote Nanna Telephone Sambhashane Haagu Kela Rochaka CBI Tanikhegalu’, the book has been translated in Kannada by Dr D V Guruprasad, Fmr Director General of Police Karnataka, who also happens to be Kumar’s batch-mate from the 1976 cadre (Indian Police Service).


Neeraj Kumar (Extreme right)                                                                                               JEEVAN

Also present at the event were Rupak Kumar Dutta, Director General and Inspector General of Police, Karnataka and Nitin Suresh Shah, Director, Sapna Book House.The original English version of the book was released in December 2015 and talks about some of the most challenging cases that Kumar investigated during his tenure with the CBI such as the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993, matchfixing scandal of 1999, etc.

The most engaging chapter is the one titled ‘Dial D for Don: My Conversations with Dawood Ibrahim’, which talks about the telephone conversations
he had with gangster Dawood Ibrahim in June 1994.

During the launch of the book, the veteran cops engaged in a discussion about the various cases they had investigated and the different challenges they faced during the course of the investigations


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