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‘Intimate Lines’ gives eye to the simplest

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BENGALURU: Pradeep Kumar’s solo exhibition features a suite of drawings, paintings and mixed media work on paper, canvas, tiles, charcoal blocks, cow dung (smeared on paper) and other found objects. Hailing from a small but vibrant ‘Lambani’ community, Pradeep has developed an instinctive ability to cull out anecdotes from a personal archive and illuminating them in his work.

Characterized by passion and proficiency with the moving line, he strokes his images of private tales elements of fantasy and imagination. While speaking to The Beacon, he said he tries to bring a raw force and melodic energy to his work- be it in the depiction of the contours of the body; heightened eroticism of infatuated individuals; or witty communion of human and animal form.



Intimate Lines                                         MEGHA

Pradeep has a post- graduate degree from Bangalore University (MVA- painting). He has had solo shows in Bangalore and Puducherry; besides group exhibits in Seoul, South Korea (2013) and Aarau, Switzerland (2014). In 2010, he won the Camel Art Foundation Award; and undertook a study tour of Paris and a few other European cities. The exhibition was curated by a columnist Girihar Khasnis.


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