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Never ending problems of potholes in the city

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BENGALURU: “The city is busy constructing new flyovers, buildings, roads, but no one is bothered about the increasing potholes which causes accidents in the city. During elections the politicians grant money for the repair of the roads and potholes. But there is no result at the end,” said Priyanshi Mehta, who is a Software Engineer and has to travel around fifteen kilometers to reach office.

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POTHOLES IN CITY                                                          FAKINGNEWS.COM

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) has taken several initiatives, but it does seem to be relieving people. Bangalore is claiming to have a “Super hero” called the “Pothole Raja”. He has powers to repair potholes and fills up potholes in less than five days. On seeing a pothole, the person takes a picture and WhatsApp it to a specific number and wait for Pothole Raja to come to their rescue.

‘Pothole Raja has claimed to have filled over 200 potholes in a year. Hari Anant, a regular traveler to Whitefield. He faces a lot of difficulty while riding his bike due to potholes and uneven roads. He said, “I have not heard of anyone called the Pothole Raja. I have myself filed several complaints regarding this problem but no action has been taken till now.”


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