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Protest for basic pay scale

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BENGALURU: Protest demanding basic pay scale by Gram Panchayati employees and aid for the problem in Bengaluru at Freedom park and other parts of Karnataka.

             derricks pic

  EMPLOYEES AT PROTEST                                                          DERRICK

Maruti Manpade, Karnataka state president Gram Panchayat Naukarara Sangha said, “Around 56000 employees working in around 6022 Gram Panchayat across the state. This includes 12000 pourkarmikas, 26000 pump operators, 6000 bill collectors, 6000 supporting staff and 5000 computer operators. Most of the Gram Panchayat employees have not got their salaries from the past 10 months. It has become impossible for them to lead their life in today’s growing demands and sky rocketing prices. On August 14, 2016 the government guaranteed increase in basic pay but it has not been implemented till date. Member of the Gram Panchayat, Vital Honamore said, “We are demanding for our right share to be given to us in the upcoming state budget.”

He added that they are requesting and demanding the government to fulfil our needs. A series of protest for this cause will be held in all the districts on different dates starting from March 6, 2017 to March 28,2017.” The third pay commission has advised the Karnataka State government to give aid to all Gram Panchayat employees which has still not been implemented.


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