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Rs 10 coin ban rumors take toll

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BENGALURU: Just when PM Narendra Modi announced about Demonetization, a rumor flew across. 10 rupees coin being banned.Much to it, the rumor has triggered a panic attack among the citizens of Bengaluru who find it difficult to transact with the coin that they already have. It is seen that the local shopkeepers, bakery stores and petty shops refuse out straight to accept the coin that is being offered.

“When I offered the vegetable store guy the coin, he bluntly refused to take it. He said the RBI has banned it. I wondered when that happened. I have so many coins,” said Gantavya Nikhil, a resident of Bengaluru.

The rumor has caused considerable panic among the people, where few have even decided to approch the bank in exchange of RS 10 note.


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