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SJC hosts Bangalore Lake Summit 2017

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CAMPUS: With a concern to create awareness, rejuvenate, conserve, and manage the urban wetland ecosystem, focusing on the lakes in Bengaluru city, BLS (Bangalore Lake Summit) was organized at the campus on March 6.

The theme of the summit circled around various topics that include drainage patterns cascade systems, utility potential of aquatic ecosystems, land utilization and encroachments, extinction of lakes, and many other related issues.

Lakshman, Chairperson of the KSPCB (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board) inaugurated the program, discussing about the areas of concern. He spoke about his visit to Delhi to see the biodiversity parks and wetland treatment since biodiversity parks will be developed at Hebbal and Madiwala. He highlighted the efficiency of the interpretation centers at the biodiversity parks to be very simplistic as even students from grade five can easily appreciate it.

               kavya pic 22

DR T.V RAMACHANDRA                                                                      KAVYA

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr Fr Victor Lobo, Principal of SJC threw some insights on the theme by stating, ‘’If you see our Indian culture, it is a mixed culture. Due to consumerism, now it is a use and throw culture has come. We use and throw things. Same thing has come into our lives as well. Therefore, if you can go back to our roots, you will know that our culture is reuse culture, transformative culture.”

Students, research scholars, teachers, environmentally conscious citizens, environmentalists, delegates from NGOs were welcomed to present their research papers or general views orally and in poster format for this summit.

“As students you need to be more responsible, if you want the country to move forward. The lakes you require, because you require water and trees you require because you need a cool planet. Current generation doesn’t understand what they want. 2016 was the warmest year. What development are we talking about, if we are losing the water?,” questioned the keynote speaker Dr T.V. Ramachandra, CES, IISc, Bangalore.


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