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College organizes first book fair in SJC

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BENGALURU: St Joseph’s College had organized its first book exhibition at the college on March 8. Authors, publishers and book sellers got a chance to exhibit their books of different subjects.



The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr Fr Victor Lobo, SJ and Dr Jayarama Reddy. Along with other subject books ‘A better earth is possible’ by DrJayarama Reddy and Dr Hung Ming Wong and ‘Managing the Western Ghats, Flora of Karnataka’ by Cecil J Saldanha were also there at the exhibition.Mr Syed Sailani, Senior Librarian and the organizer of this event said, “I being a Librarian, I am aware of the importance of books in our lives especially for students, because they keep searching for different books for their studies. This exhibition is almost covering all the subjects in our college. Other than subject related books there are other books too. All the books displayed here will also be available for sale at a discounted price.”

There were around 30 participants selling and exhibiting various genres of books. Each book shop has displayed around 1000 to 2000 books. Students are visiting and showing a lot of interest, some of them even bought a few books, he added.

“We are regular suppliers of books to the college and this is the first time we are getting a platform to exhibit all our books in the college. Most of the books that we have are related to the college subjects and course. But after participating in this exhibition we got to know the different requirements of the students,” Mr Mohammed Zabi, Executive, Kalyani Publishers.


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