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Legal act to feud land auction

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BENGALURU: In order to find a just way, the Residential Welfare Association (RWA) will dig the legal documentations and file a petition under RTI in BDA to get control over the auctioned land at Shantinagar.A 20,000 sq-ft. civic amenity site at 7th Cross, Lakshmi Road, Shantinagar has come into recent limelight due to the auction of the land by the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority).
The children residing in the area held placards in front of the plot to demonstrate a need of the land for construction of a park on March 5. N.A. Harris, MLA of Shantinagar constituency, recently stated in The Hindu that their knowledge of the auction was very recent and no one’s opinion was sought before the land was auctioned.
“It is basically a civil amenity site at the BDA block in Shantinagar, which was meant for civic use. But, unfortunately the Commissioner auctioned it to some private party. This is not legal as civic amenity site cannot be auctioned as far as my knowledge goes. We have been asking for the land from our MLA and officials at the Corporate since past two years. The MLA gave assurance for the land but unfortunately now it has got auctioned. Being at that position and a part of the government, he would’ve had an idea about the auction. So, we are trying to get results through the legal process,” said Renuka, the head of the Shantinagar RWA (Residents’ Welfare Association).


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