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BlindBoys exhibits new Asian Photography

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Photography exhibition by BlindBoys                                                                        MEGHA




BENGALURU: Creating a forum by bringing various photojournalists across the world for a better synthesis of art, media and Asian cultures leading to a holism of new Asian visual identities is what ‘BlindBoys Wideyed’ offer.

It is a platform where one can discover photography from Asia and various points of view ranging from documentary, fine arts, and photo journalism, poetic, personal, abstract, human and including street photography. “BlindBoys Wideyed initially started with a few members and we had a passion within each of us to create and bring various photojournalists, in order to showcase their artwork. According to us, a photojournalist is not someone who comes from journalism or any media background rather the entity of his passion for photography and ours is a combination of two young photography collectives which is from the South Asia and that of the West,” said Vishal Malhotra, a member of the BlindBoys.

The group uses tools like the Internet and social media to engage photographers and viewers in creative ways, ultimately translating them into public events and street interventions like Blowup- an improvised exhibition in which participants are invited to collectively display their work in public spaces around selected cities. It has been organized in Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Siem Reap, Newcastle, Paris, Bali and Toky­­­o.

“Blindboys are driven to see and show Asian photography in a new light,” said Akshay Mahajan, a presenter.

The group has also collaborated with Miniclick for a FORMAT Photography Festival which will be conducted in Delhi on the theme at a personal and community level. The exhibition that took place at Café Duo presented the works of Ishan Tankha, Akshay Mahajan, Lenkshap Topi, Ruhani Kaur with Louise Taylor, Richard Glynn, Lucy Carolan.


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