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Hospitals honour World Kidney Day

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BENGALURU: Second Thursday of March is globally observed as World Kidney Day. It is kind of an awareness campaign focussing on the importance of the kidney and the diseases that a person can be prone to for not taking enough care of it.

Dr Sanjeev K. Hiremath, Director of Department of Nephrology, Sagar Hospital said, “Obesity is a risk factor for chronic kidney diseases and are associated with the progression of the disease. There are certain points that one can keep in mind to avoid kidney related issues like keep fit and active, keep control of blood sugar level and blood pressure, keep weight in check and eat healthy, don’t smoke, regular check of kidney functions etc.”

More than anyone else, the youth has to be made aware of this issue, because most of them have the habit of smoking and drinking and that is a major concern. They do it out of fun, but don’t understand the repercussions of it. Ones the kidney is damaged, it is difficult to transplant it, and all cannot afford that, said Dr Kiran Meheta.


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