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Protest against illegal Khatas at BBMP

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BENGALURU: A protest by Lanchamukta Karnataka Nirmana Vedike was organised near Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) head office against illegal issue of Khata’s by the officials in BBMP on March 9, 2017.

“The aim of the organisation is to build a bribe free Karnataka and we are working against corruptions which is happening in every field. Today we are conducting this protest against the officials those who are involved in the illegal issues of Khata,” said V.R Marathe president of Bengaluru region of Vedike.

V.R Marathe said that, Khata is a legal property document certified from the BBMP. The properties those are not registered under this act consider as illegal properties. The officials in BBMP have released illegal Khatas with the influence of the higher authority. Around seventy to eighty properties in Bengaluru are listed under this case.

The members in the vedike have filed a petition in RTI. The officials replied that the properties are paused by BBMP and no one can own these lands anymore but they are collecting tax from these properties too. This was questioned by the Vedike and decided to protest against BBMP.

“Officials are not ready to give the information about the list of illegal Khata’s and claimed everything is transparent if it is then come and file case against our protest,” he added.

There is a rule in BBMP says that improvement charges can be collected for single site. It is called ‘Ekaniveshana’. Once the improvement pay charge for a site then it will consider as one site and it cannot divide into different sites. By the influence, they pay ekaniveshana and then divided the property into parts and issued illegal Khata. They published a fabricated file in RTI and keep on doing mistakes to hide their corruptions. Said V.R Marathe.

“The organisation is creating awareness among people about existing corruptions and conducting workshop on RTI and sakala and they providing information of corruptions to Lokayuktha. Today we are giving a memorandum also to create awareness about these issues. We are insisting them to take action against the people those who involved in this issues and take the money back from them,” said Dr. Satish Chandra P.S, member of the Vedike.


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