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Tibetans to pay tribute to martyrs

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BENGALURU: The South Zone Tibetan Youth Congress will commemorate the 58th National Uprising Day in the memory of the Tibetan martyrs who lost their lives due to the oppression they faced by Chinese government in 1959 on March 10.

The Uprising is to meet certain demands that the Tibetan Youth Congress has put forward to the Chinese government they want the release of Panchon Lama.

The latest incident, which witnessed the death of more than 5000 monks, is due to the destruction of Larung Gar. The Chinese government has carried out all means to belittle and bring down Tibetan religion, culture, language and their identity. The gross violation of human rights and denial of freedom of religion expression and constant harassment, torture ans discrimination has driven 145 Tibetans to immolate themselves to vent their anger, frustration and helplessness.

The issue of Tibet is not merely a question of Tibetan people right, but to also redefine India’s national security.  On this occasion, they want the Chinese government to accept the middle way approach given by H. H Dalai Lama.


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