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BSS attempts to preserve storytelling

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BENGALURU: An evening filled with oral story telling on spices was organised by Bangalore Story telling society(BSS) at Atta Galatta, Koramangala on March 12. The event was held in order to preserve the art of storytelling and to spread it amongst the present generation.

Three to four story tellers get to share their stories in person within 10 minutes. An overall of 40 participants were gathered for the event.The ancient art of storytelling was used to entertain, teach and educate the humanity since time immemorial.

Over the past few years, there has been a decline in the art of storytelling. Bangalore Story telling Society (BSS), a non profit collective organisation, registered under the Societies Act is formed by professional storytellers in order to nurture, revive and promote the art of oral story telling in the modern era. BSS was set up in 2013 and conducts its flagship meet ups once in every month under the aegis of Atta Gallata.

“This is the perfect place to come and listen to various story tellers and their stories in vernacular languages on different topics for every meetup,” said Ashmita Gaur from Uttar Pradesh.

The main motto of BSS is to organize workshops, festivals, meet ups and publishing.
It also blends and collaborates with other international storytelling groups for cultural exchange through storytelling.

“This is a forum where people gather and share their stories on the respective topics of the month. We are India’s first and only story telling society for reviving oral story telling. This meet up is one of the longest running meet up in India to share oral stories” added Vikram, Founder of BSS.


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