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Metro pillars to have vertical gardens soon

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BENGALURU: Due to rapid urbanisation, pollution and cutting of trees among many other problems in Namma Bengaluru, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) have come up with a strategy for vertical gardening on the metro pillars with the help of hydroponics.


Model of hydroponics                                                                   

This vertical garden is developed by a start-up company called Hydrobloom from the metro pillar at Anil Kumble circle, near Rangoli Art Centre.
Speaking to Sunil Jose, Managing Director of Hydrobloom, told The Beacon, “It all began in 2010 when there was a rise in farmer suicide, debts, alcohol abuse the farmers faced because of crop failure among many other reasons. The vertical gardening with the help of hydroponics is mainly for sustainability and water conservation.”

The art of soilless gardening is called hydroponics,it functions mainly in cold weather. It uses organic methods with the help of sand, gravel and adequate water supply, which is recycled again.


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