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‘Festellen’ – a short film festival for aspiring film makers

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BENGALURU: In collaboration with Elephant Media Lab, ‘Festellen’ has come up with the 4th season of their annual film festival.

This film festival provides a platform to aspiring film makers, actors, directors, producers and so on, rather than YouTube uploads only.

This film festival not only aims to give recognition to these artists but also various awards like Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Cinematography, will be awarded. Festellen basically showcases the fresh talents who require a platform to exhibit their work.

“This is the fourth season of our Festellen Film Festival, which is conducted by Elephant Media Lab. Our main aim is to promote the short films. Most artists do not get a platform to showcase their talent other than on YouTube. We have booked this theatre called Cine Square in Malleshwaram, where all the short films will be screened,” said Pradeesh Konkath, the organiser of Festellen Film Festival.

He also added saying that renowned personalities like Brahma from the Tamil film industry and Sujata from the Malayalam film industry will be present at the event. Participants from all over the country will be coming in for this festival. This single day film festival will be screening movies in various languages like Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, English, as well as silent films.


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