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Awareness program on e-waste disposal

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Rahul Manuel

BENGALURU: An awareness programme on ‘Disposal of e-waste at post offices’ was held by Charles Lobo, Chief Postmaster General of Karnataka Circle at Jayanagar and J.P. Nagar. The programme was conducted in sync with Ensyde.
The appliances which run on electricity or battery and is not in a working condition is called an e-waste. Under the e-waste rule of 2016, tube lights and CFLs were added to the list of e-waste.


E-waste drop box                                                                                                      RAHUL


“We had a launch where we placed two drops off boxes at Jayanagar and J.P Nagar. Charles Lobo was interested in having an awareness program at the post offices to let people know about the facility to dispose e-waste at post offices and central Bangalore.
Under the budget sanctioned for this project we have 12 drops off boxes in Bengaluru,” said Suma, project co-ordinator of Ensyde.

Ensyde is a non- profit organization to support organizations in India.


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