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Landlord harasses North East student in Bengaluru

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Donna Das

BENGALURU: On March 6, 2017, another case of discrimination against a North Eastern resident took place in the city.
Higio Gungtey, a student of Christ University, was allegedly beaten up by his landlord, Hemanth Kumar, who accused him of using excess water, in spite of him paying their regular water usage charges.

Speaking to The Beacon, Gungtey protested saying that he had used the water supply for only five minutes but when he was accused he had apologised for the same.
Though he made his apologies, the landlord continued to shout out his verbal abuses.
Adding to that, he also felt threatened because of his native place, which lies in North East.

“My flatmates and I have been accused of partying a lot, with loud music, but none of it is true. All this discrimination began since the beginning because my name is not on the rental agreement, because our landlord told us that the name of two persons is enough, so my flatmates who are from Assam and Jharkhand went ahead to sign the agreement,” said Gungtey.


Gungtey at the hospital                                                                                  NDTV

“The recent incident took place on March 6. I had used our water supply for only five minutes and our landlord accused me of excess water usage. We pay our own bill as per the meter but still, we were questioned. I even apologised to him, but then he spoke wrong about my mother saying that nobody will respect her if she comes to Bangalore because we belong to North East. When I objected to this statement, he started beating me. He hit me on my neck, stomach, chin and my tongue got cut. This went on for more than 45 minutes, and while hitting me, his shoe fell off. He asked me to lick his shoe or else he would beat me more. He even beat my friends,” added Gungtey.


He also added saying that their landlord openly called him names because he came from North East.
He also spoke of another incident, which took place a few months back, when the elevator of the building was out of order and the landlord accused them of it without any investigation.

Later on, they came to know that the mishap was caused by the next door tenants.
Gungtey also expressed grief saying that his landlord even called him a terrorist from Arunachal Pradesh because he looked ‘different’ according to his landlord, which was offensive.


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