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Stonehill International School art exhibition

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BENGALURU: An art exhibition was organised by seven diploma students of Stonehill International School at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath on Kumara Krupa road on March 15, 2017.

The exhibition included paintings, sculptures, digital art, installation, illustrations and mixed media. Each student has displayed seven to eight art works.

The students aged between 18-19 years have been working on this project for 2 years. One painting titled ‘The Universe Unravelling’ was done using acrylic paints on wood.

Tresa (2)

Art representing war and depression                                                           Credits: Tresa

The finger painted piece symbolizes combinations of cultural beliefs and scientific points of views tracing back to the origin of life. “I portrayed a scenario from the stories told by my grandmother from the Mahabharatha that depicted that life first started with unmanifested energies, forming an egg to a lotus flower whose stem further emerges.

This idea is represented by using colors that illustrate outerspace,’’ says the young artist. Artists that influence this young artist are Dagmar Dyck, Bharati Kher and Doris Nungarrayi.

The art piece titled ‘Diety’ which uses acrylic paint on canvas translates a Bible verse into Arabic and a similar verse from the Quran into Hebrew. The verses speak about showing respect and kindness towards others. Katrin, mother of the artist Anna says her daughter’s theme was in a better world which points out social differences, gender problems and shows how things will look in a better world

The painting on Mudras which was made using plaster of paris symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. The Gyan mudra used in this sculpture is used by Lord Shiva in Hinduism which denotes an elephant or fire sacrifice. The art work shows how hands are used as symbols for several rituals in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. The piece called ‘Psyhcedelic’ shows an explosion of colors and how they stand for the variety of emotions.


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