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Students protest against racism in the city

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Donna Das

BENGALURU: On March 16, Townhall witnessed a protest held demanding justice for Higio Gungtey, a student from Christ University.
Gungtey was allegedly beaten up by his landlord, Hemanth Kumar on grounds of using excess water.
This protest was attended by students of Christ University, St Joseph’s College, members of the Press Club of Bangalore, the Northeast Solidarity and also Gungtey’s family and friends.
“I want justice for my son. Whatever happened was very wrong and I want Hemanth Kumar to be jailed immediately. He committed crimes under IPC Section 153 A, IPC Section 509 and IPC Section 307,” said Gungtey father.


Students from the city participate in the protest               DONNA

Dr Rini Ralte, the President of the Northeast Solidarity was also present at the protest, who expressed her grief and demand for justice for Gungtey. She said that racism has always been prevalent against the northeast but this is the first time that the cast issue has come up.
“Justice delayed is justice denied, we have to act now and support Gungtey as well as the northeast. We filed a second FIR last Monday, and it has been accepted. Now we are waiting for the verdict,” added Dr Ralte.
Slogans like, ‘Justice for Gungtey,’ ‘Who’s the culprit? Hemanth Kumar,’ ‘United we stand, divided we fall,’ ‘Gungtey tum protest karo, hum tumhare saath hai,’ were recited by the protest gathering.
The students of Christ University also staged a street play depicting the entire incident and also creating an awareness about the minimal steps of social media uploads rather than actual action and steps that should be taken.
In support towards the incident Dr Ralte, representatives from the Press Club of Bangalore also came forward and addressed the gathering.
They expressed support towards the protests and also promised that they will continue to do so to condemn.



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