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Agricultural Er., students from Raichur demand job opportunities

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Tresa Louis

BENGALURU: The student association of Krushi Engineering College, Raichur demands more job opportunities to be given to Agricultural Engineering Graduates in response to the recent notification issued by Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka on March 9, 2017.A protest at the Town Hall was also conducted by the group on March 17 at 5 p.m.
The students during their four-year course of education have learnt about all activities of agriculture and received merits. Neighbouring states including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra as well as northern states like Punjab and Haryana have also been training students regarding agricultural activities in Agricultural Engineering course. However, in Karnataka, the state have not been very encouraging and not giving job opportunities to agricultural engineering students.


Students at the Press Club                                                                           YOGESH

The students request the government to give 50 % of work to engineering students of agriculture, to adopt the method proposed by former students, empty seats must be given to agricultural students as soon as possible, diploma students must get equal job opportunities and privileges as well in different parts of the country.



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