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Central Govt. employees go on strike

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BENGALURU: The Central Govt. employees went on a nationwide strike in different parts of the country on March 16.

Different ministries like income tax, postal, ocean development, atomic power and various other departments under the Central Government have staged a strike in regard to many disparities in the 7th Pay Commission.


Central Govt. employees go on a strike                                                               


The Confederation of Central Government Employees had called for the strike.
Certain sections of the 7th Pay Commission was scrutinised by the joint working committee, which urged for some changes. A draft was then submitted to the cabinet.

The demands of the employees are to increase house rent allowances and travel allowances. They also look to put a full stop for inequality and ambiguity, settle the issues with regard to pensions, to stop the outsourcing of the government sectors to private companies. These were a few of their demands.


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