Day 2 of RNFF starts with a bang!

Kirtana CAMPUS: After the varied themes seen in the interesting collection of movies screened on Day 1 of the Rushes National Film Festival (RNFF), Day 2 returns with an even more promising array of movies. The morning session of Day 2 begins with two movies, ‘I am 30’ directed by V Vikas and ‘Aman’ directed... Continue Reading →

Failure of short films decoded at RNFF 2018

Arush CAMPUS: Lack of interest in real life stories is seen as the major reason for failure of short films nationwide by script writer and director Rohit Padaki during a workshop on ‘script writing’ at Rushes National Film Festival 2018 (RNFF). “The major reason why real life stories don’t work well as short films or... Continue Reading →

RNFF witnesses the bonds of friendship

Kirtana CAMPUS: At the the afternoon session of Day 2 of the Rushes National Film Festival (RNFF), short film ‘Going AWOL’ that revolves around brotherhood and tests of friendships was screened at St. Joseph’s college. Written and directed by Sergey Tselikov, the movie talks about young navel cadets and their hardships at the Maritime Academy... Continue Reading →

Arvind Sastry inspires the students of SJC

  Krishna CAMPUS:  With concurrence this year’s theme ‘Indie and Resource Film making’, a session on ‘Independent Film making’ was conducted by Arvind Sastry on Wednesday. Best known for this film ‘Kahi’, in which he played the roles of the writer, director and editor, Arvind Sastry had so much to inspire the young student filmmakers... Continue Reading →

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