City to witness Dalit protest on Friday

Vasisht Nagarkatti BENGALURU: The Municipal Reservation Struggle Committee (MRPSC), Bangalore Urban District, will host an Early Black Friday Protest at 7 pm on Friday, January 25 in front of the Town Hall in the city. MRPSC president S Ramakrishna told reporters on Wednesday that the protest is over the non-implementation of the Sadashiva Commission Report,... Continue Reading →

Artists come together for wildlife

Sandya Sudhakaran BENGALURU: “We always see the use of photography to raise awareness about endangered wildlife, but we never see paintings, sculptures and other artworks created for the same reason. That is what we have come together for,” said Prahlad Hegde, one of the artists participating in Artists for Wildlife and Nature (AWN), a first-of-its-kind... Continue Reading →

City cops now use memes against drugs

Reean Micheal BENGALURU: The Bengaluru City Police are at it again: using memes to get their message across. This time, they have used a meme on Twitter to urge youngsters to join the fight against drugs. The meme — originally an image taken from a 2004 episode of a show headlined by American comedian Dave... Continue Reading →

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