City doctors decry attacks on Kolkata counterparts

A state wide protest in West Bengal was triggered after a junior doctor at the NRS medical college and hospital in Kolkata was beaten up by the family members of a patient who had alleged that he died because of negligence. The incident took place on Monday night and the doctor suffered a head injury... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp to sue those who misuse it

WhatsApp has decided to take severe actions against the users who resort to anything that the company may deem misuse of the platform. In light of recent events related to misleading messages and misuse of the application, WhatsApp has announced that it will sue anyone who violates its new terms and conditions of use. WhatsApp... Continue Reading →

Duo builds tech for garbage-free city

Have you heard the proverb, ‘Kill two birds with one stone?’. Subodh and Saravana, two natives of namma Bengaluru, brings this proverb to life and develops ‘MPower’. A product, capable of digesting wet waste, converting it into bio gas, and run a power generator that will in turn solve the problem of rising energy needs in... Continue Reading →

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