This nun spreads CAA awareness in villages

Kritika Pradhan

Sister Anitha D’Souza, assistant director of the NGO Snagama working out of Sindagi taluk in North Karnataka, primarily works towards eradicating social evils in the region. As part of the organisation’s welfare efforts, she attempts to inform the villagers in and around the region what is happening in the country, using public programmes like the Constitution Day celebration. Educating people about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, how it might affect them and how they should work to retain religious harmony was the new agenda on her rural runs the past week. “For years our country has been subjected to communal and religious disputes. The Citizenship (Amendment) Act passed by the Central government works along the same lines, dividing the people based on religion,” she said. Sindagi has a Hindu majority population, with Muslims forming the largest minority, like most regions in the country. Most people there do not have easy access to news and information. It was easy for them to get misled, and that is why it was very important that she invest some time in educating them about these issues, she told them at one of her visits. “Our organisation is primarily run by Christians, but my religion does not determine who I serve. It is my purpose and humanity that drives me to help anyone in need,” she said while addressing another gathering.

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