Activist urges better methods to save water

Ananya Mariam Rajesh

Bengaluru: A Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD) initiative to get people to save a litre of water every day while bathing has come in for criticism from Bengaluru-based activist Anand SR, who claims the methods suggested can be much more efficient.
The HRD Ministry in a tweet from its official handle suggested that people use buckets instead of overhead showers to avoid water wastage.
It also claimed one student can save one litre of water per day.
Anand, however, pointed out some flaws in the logic. “A person’s conscious efforts to save water matters. Overhead showers don’t waste more water than bucket-bathing if properly used. The habit of leaving showers running for long is what leads to water wastage. Any conscious attempt to save water must start with the knowledge of how much water is needed to bathe,” he said.
He added, “The campaign must not focus on saving water only while bathing. Instead, it should also point out water wasted while washing clothes and flushing. Water saved there makes a difference.”
Anand, however, did not entirely dismiss the initative. He said he wants the government to have a systematic account of public water wastage and then come forth with better methods.

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