Bling out with jewellery made from paper!

Pratiksha B U

BENGALURU: Afraid of buying jewellery because of rising prices of gold? There’s an on-paper solution. Literally!
Meet Devi Chand, the owner of Papermelon — an organisation that makes jewellery out of paper.
And it’s not just premium paper!
She told The Beacon: “The majority of our jewellery is made from recycled paper such as newspapers, magazines, paper bags, gift wraps, calendars and pamphlets.”
She added: “Our old pens, bottles and containers of varying sizes are upcycled to be used as moulds that are used to make the recycled cardboard bases of bracelets, rings and other similar jewellery parts.”
So how does she do it? Giving an example, she says the paper beads Papermelon makes are given a coat of sealant to make the jewellery water-resistant, so they can be cherished forever.
“When I started out, all I had was an enthusiastic me and a colourful stash of paper, thanks to my design education. During one of my experiments, I made my first paper bead by rolling a paper strip over a tooth pick. It looked ‘different’ from the beads I’d seen before,” she said.
“That was the first of many many hours I spent making paper beads, perfecting the art, and researching to make the beads beautiful and durable,” she added.

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