Communicate to succeed, says expert

Nayana M

Campus: “The best idea is never from the CEO, it’s from the people at the bottom of the pyramid,” said Ecolab Digital Center Managing Director Malahar Pinnelli while emphasising the importance of internal communication in a corporate setting.
He was addressing the postgraduate students of mass communication and advertising in a seminar organised by the Department of Communication at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Friday, January 24.
Speaking about corporate communication, he explained the importance of external communication with stakeholders, investors and customers. “Corporate communication is all about perception. It’s all about how you make people percieve what you want them to see.”
He also stressed on internal communication, using examples to drive the point home.
He said he believes open communication between various levels in an organisation helps in innovation and maintenance of the overall culture of the company.
Pinnellie also emphasised on the role technology plays in communication. He said people should adapt to changing technology to stay updated.
With social media and the abundance of information online, he advised students to filter information, explaining how it becomes important in specific scenarios.
He also warned against reputation attacks: messages – irrespective of whether they are true or false – that are spread to harm the reputation of a company or a brand.
In response to a question about freshers in the industry, he said, “Freshers today need to develop practical skills to get hired as the industry is seeing a lot of them who lack the basic skills to do the job.”

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